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Childrens Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

The District currently owns a proxy server used for Internet access and filtering. The Internet filter is able to block sites in an attempt to limit access to inappropriate or offensive materials available through the Internet. There are twenty-six categories that are updated automatically to block against inappropriate web sites. Examples of blocked categories include the following: adult, sex, violence, chats. The District is able to unblock any specific web site that may be deemed as appropriate. The District may also add sites to the filter upon request.

Students and staff are assigned Internet accounts, with individual usernames and passwords, in order to access the Internet via the Internet Filter. The District does monitor use of the Internet and may run daily reports of the sites attempted to be reached, based upon usernames.

Requests to open or block sites must be made in writing to the District's Director of Technology. Information needed in the request includes the address (URL) of the site, and the name and phone extension of the requester. In the event a site is requested to be opened, the building principal must also pre-approve this request. The District attempts to maintain a flexible and protective filter for staff and students.

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